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Last Man Standing December 2018

Salthill Devon's Last One Standing kicks off again 15th December 2018
1. Pay your once off entry fee of €10 before kickoff on week 1
2. Each week, simply pick a team playing a match that week – if your team wins, you go through; lose or draw and you’re out.
3.You can only pick a team to win once in a competition
4.All selections must be in Friday 5pm before day of kick off
5. If your team’s game is postponed you are automatically put through to the next round
6. If you forget to pick a team, you’ll automatically get the first team alphabetically that you’ve yet to pick. First alphabetical pick with Salthill Devon LMS is Arsenal per Sky Premiership
7. Last Man Standing continues until only one person remains and wins the pot. If two or more participants remain at the end of the competition pot will distributed evenly if all players remaining agree.
8. In the event of a dispute the SFDC LMS committee ruling on matters related to the competition is final

Round 1 15th December 2018:
Man City vs Everton
Crystal Palace vs Leicester
Huddersfield vs Newcastle
Spurs vs Burnley
Watford vs Cardiff City
Wolves vs Bournemouth
Fulham vs West Ham
Brighton vs Chelsea
Southampton vs Arsenal
Liverpool vs Man Utd



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